The  ARCHLine.XP  Family


Affordable 3D CAD/BIM software for building design and producing complete technical documentation.    

ARCHLine.XP Interior

3D Interior software for  kitchen, bath and interior design, rendering and complete technical documentation.      

ARCHLine.XP Professional

Large-scale 3D BIM software for architecture, site design, kitchen, bath and interior design, rendering and complete technical documentation. 

ARCHLine.XP Live

Easy to use, affordable archviz animation software. Turn your 3D design into immersive models, create high quality images, videos, and walkthroughs. 

ARCHLine.XP System Requirements

 Check out the recommended system specifications for ARCHLine.XP software.

How Does It Work?

All of our products go with a Perpetual License plan. This means that once purchased, you can use the program for life. You will receive support from us for the 1st year from purchase.

Once the initial 1 year support term is over, you might want to keep your software up to date. If so, you can go for an optional Maintenance Agreement with us - such an agreement will give you a calendar year long term from 1 January until 31 December, during which you will receive upgrades and support from us. Check below for details.

Your software is protected by a software key, which allows the use of the software on one workstation by one user.

By purchasing a hardlock protection key, the program license is transferable from one computer to any other. Hardlock protection can be purchased separately.

The Annual Maintenance Agreement is Calendar Year non-cancellable Agreement.

It includes:

  • Upgrade: you'll receive a new product key for ARCHLine.XP 2021.

  • Access to online and e-mail support.

  • Updates.

Note: Before purchasing, make sure your system meets the minimum System Requirements!

Click here to learn more about the differences Between ARCHLine.XP Professional and ARCHLine.XP LT.

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